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All your photos and videos in one safe place

MyMediaBank has been designed and developed by Karakas to facilitate our clients to store all their images and videos in one place online that is secure and easily accessible.

The Key Features include:

  • Storage analytics
  • Front-end user administration (No CMS needed)
  • Categorise AND tag items
  • View slideshow of selected searches
  • Share items, categories of items and slideshows
  • Download different item sizes of the item, with only the original size stored
  • Easy upload of items (drag and drop)
  • Auto creation of thumbnails
  • User, administrator and superadmin access (limit access to certain user levels)
  • Easily delete and edit and item as administrator
  • Public and/or private access
  • Customisable footer links (eg. About, Privacy, Disclaimer etc.)
  • Save unpublished items for later approval
  • Secure hosting (incl. SSL certificate)
  • Brand your library (your branding, your logo even your own domain if you wish)

Make the MyMediaBank fit your needs with these options:

  • Add more categories
  • Upload non-image/video items such as PDF, EPS, ZIP etc.
  • Share public items on Social Media (eg. Facbook, Pinterest…)
  • API to import the images to your website CMS
  • Multi-lingual interface
  • Add url to each iamge
  • Add consent documents to each image
  • Add extra secure hosting with virtual hosting or dedicated hosting (cost varies depending on the level of security)

Try it for FREE today

We are providing 2GB free to our clients. Try it out and see just how easy it is to manage all your media in one place, tag and categorise items, share with colleagues, view slideshows, embed videos on your website (like Youtube), view analytics, and much more.

Contact us for more details about MyMediaBank by emailing